Sunday, July 06, 2008

some sweet adelaide moments.

**Small note before offical story. Adelaide slept with us for about 4/5 months of her life starting around 4 months old, until she decided she had had enough. she would always toss, turn, wake up and get very frustrated because our bed was small and it was a tight squeeze. so, needless to say she likes sleeping in her bed, which i don't mind but i did love listening to her breathe next to me.

Offical Story....
last night we celebrated a friends wedding. the reception started at 6pm. so, we decided to have adelaide (and kiley, her BFF) stay at home with Debbie, my friend Karens sister. Adelaide knows debbie and kiley quite well so i felt VERY confident. Adelaide wasn't very thrilled and had a rougher than normal evening without mama and dada. we arrived back home around 10:15pm exhausted from the very fun evening. adelaide woke up shortly after we got to sleep crying. so justin went in and soothed her. she fell back asleep. about 40 minutes later she woke up again...justin went in again..soothed...back to sleep. she woke up again and knowing that she wasn't teething i went in this time and got her and thought, maybe she misses us and wants to be close. so, i brought her in bed with us........sure enough...BOINK...sound a sleep and nary a peep until 6:30am. i wish i could say the same for me...i layed there for awhile just watching beautiful adelaide breathe and sleep and wondering what she was dreaming about. it was lovely!

Story #2
adelaide loves music, especially music in church and watching everyone sing. we were in church this morning and as we sang one of the final songs i was holding adelaide and in the middle of the song she raised her little arms in the air as if she wanted to give God a great big hug. it took me totally off guard and i started balling. it was so sweet and beautiful. i think she's seen us do it and other folks at church do it. val, behind us saw her do it as was awesome! really really awesome!