Thursday, July 17, 2008

yes, i am living........sort of, i think.
these past two weeks have taken me to a place i have never been in all my days.
adelaide was very sick, vomiting, high fever, teething and not sleeping. which meant netiher were we. now, i have the cold. and i have it really bad BUT there is no stoping. i have to keep going. it's killing me. she still isn't back to normal sleeping so every night i cring as evening nears and i know all i need is sleep and i will get very little. the days have been even worse. adelaide needs so much of me and i have been too sick to give to her. its been beyond hard. tomorrow justin has ear surgery and is down and out for at least a week while we are on "vacation" with his family at Cayucos. i am still sicker than a dog. i will actually go to sleep when i am done writting this. i don't really have much else to say.

we got a house and will be moving sometime around august 9th.