Friday, January 02, 2009

2009!! i am going to try and keep up my blog a bit better these days.

we have enjoyed a wonderful christmas season.
justin has had 2 whole weeks off.
it has been amazing.
both adelaide and i will have a hard time come this monday when he returns to work.

we went for a minnesota visit earlier in the 2 weeks. got to see our family there. build a snowman and sled. then we had a few days at home together. and now we are in reedley with justins fam. good times.

we also went to the movie theatre. we got passes before adelaide was born so we decided to go see a movie...finally. we saw DOUBT. good movie...lots to talk about.

baby boy souza seems to be doing quite well. coming into the world sometime around march 1st. we are excited to meet this young fella' and also totally nervous. i wish i could be more zen about a newborn...but i am just not. it makes me really nervous actually.

my sister should be having a baby in the next week.
my dear friend rebecca had identical twin girls 12/19....they are amazing and so is rebecca.

my lips have been chapped now for about 2 weeks. it is awful. i hate it.

justin won his fantasy football league at work. can you believe it. he had such a fun time playing. he won $250!!! we have nice plans for that money.

well, i hope you all are finding yourselves laughing more than normal.
until next time.