Sunday, January 18, 2009

## NOTE: this blog is intended for folks invited to our baby shower in February...we thought using my blog would be the easiest way to let folks know what we'd use ##

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for wanting to come to our baby shower!
We are really excited to celebrate with you the coming of this little boy.
Since there are not that many things that we need we opted out of registering somewhere and thought this would be easier.

As the invite says....please do not feel obligated to bring a gift.....but if you'd like to get us something...below is a list of "stuff" we'd use.
If you click on the item it will take you to a link of the exact item we'd like.

it may get confusing since there isn't a place to write what you got. so, maybe if its the magazine subscription don't officially order it until after the shower. or make sure to keep your receipt for an item... OR maybe you could write in the comment section what you got and we promise not to check it.......

if you have any questions please email me.


1. Baby Monitor (we don't have a specific want...any one will do)
2. Booster Eating Chair
3. Making Stuff for Kids book
4. 1 or 2 packages of newborn disposable diapers
5. Boy Blankets (soft, cuddly, wonderful blankies)
6. Baby Sling (we'd like the Brown 5yard with Green Leaf on it..should be $48)
7. 1 or 2 boxes of BioKleen Laundry Detergent (can buy this at Whole Food's Market)
8. 1 or 2 ecobinky's (can buy from Whole Foods as well)
9. Nursing Pads
10. Milk Storage Baggies
11. Boppy Cover
12. Baby Memory/Keepsake Book (we have no preference...just as long as it is for a boy)
13. Newborn beanies, bootie socks (we love Everyday Beautiful and these from Elephant Sauce )
14. Burt's Bee's Baby Lotion (you can buy this from Target, Whole Foods, and loads of other places)
15. 2/3 Bottles made without BPA's (we linked an example but you can get us any brand as long as it says BPA Free-i don't know if mainstream store sell them...they might)
16. Subscription to: Mothering Magazine OR Wondertime Magazine
17. Book: The Creative Family by Amanda Blake-Soule
18. Gift Cards:
Babies R Us
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
19. Fuzzi Bunz Diapers (we still have all the ones we used with Adelaide so, not a major need but can always use more)
20. Here are some websites that we like for clothes....although I think we may be set for the most part.
The Little Seed
Loved Baby