Wednesday, January 14, 2009

twice in a couple weeks........i am getting better :)
i just find myself so pooped these days.
with enough energy to play with adelaide and get one or two big things done each day.
although i do feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to clean, wash, and organize unfortunatly not enough energy to get it all done.

found out from the dr. that according to the ultrasound my due date is around 2/20 instead of 3/1 which i have been focused on. also found out that if i don't deliever by 3/1 she wants to induce me. this made me super anxious and frustrated. so, we'll see what happens here in the next couple weeks. i remember measuring early with adelaide and she ended up being 11 days late. so.........we'll see.
we have a name all picked out which we are very proud of. can't wait to share it with you guys.

well, nothing new to report.
hope all is well.