Thursday, April 02, 2009

okay well i actually found a moment to sit down and write.
we have 2 kids now. crazy right.
even more crazy is that ezra is already a month old.

in an effort to avoid the 2nd child complex i have tried to keep up with taking photos of sir ezra but have FAILED miserably. Looking back at this blog doesn't help either. i posted weekly photos of Adelaide. wow!
the transition from 1 to 2 has been quite smooth. i think mostly having to do with the fact that our lives are really already set up for children. i already don't sleep. i already have tons of laundry. i already have to haul a ton of stuff wherever we, adding ezra to the mix has been fairly easy.
adelaide has done quite well with him. she loves holding him, reading to him, changing his diaper, and violently shoving the pacifier in his mouth (asleep or awake doesn't matter to her).

topic switch---i can't believe how many people i know personally who have lost their jobs. it is crazy. i can think of 2 folks, justins age with his exact degree who have been laid off in the last month!! CRAZY right. I also know another handfull of folks whose lot has been the same. for awhile i don't think this economic crisis really hit home but more recently it sure has.

there are a million books i am wanting to read these days. i try and put them in my to-read file on GoodReads so that i don't forget to get to them.

IKEA is having there TAX FREE weekend this weekend....HIT IT UP!!!

one more thing...if you have an idle minute and wouldn't mind voting for something. i think its awesome and think these girls would do a fantastic job. read more about the HOPE project here, here and VOTE here.

okay, well i am going to go now since i probably only have about 30 minutes before one of the babes wakes up.
until next time my blog friends.