Friday, July 24, 2009

man, beyond slacker....right!
well i just am kinda thinking that i don't have that much to say anymore.
even though really i probably do.

so maybe my blog will just mellow for a time and then i will get back to her.
oh i never called my blog a her before but it just felt right.

i will blog in sentances for right now cause it feels correct.

i love the beach.
our camera broke.
ezra is one VERY smiley baby.
adelaide likes to scream very loud and be totally awesome.
justin is working hard and totally cute.
we WILL provide one new backpack filled with school supplies to an entire school this August.
i love playing Boggle.
our tomatos are almost red.
our house is full.
i prefer hymns.
i have a sewing machine.
i want to take a yoga class.
i miss my college friends.
i haven't written a letter in awhile.
tonight i will enjoy a late dinner with my man.

hey friends--enjoy today why don'tcha.