Saturday, August 29, 2009

well this morning i am sitting at panera bread with some time to myself.

what is on my mind is feeling like such a personal matter but i also feel like writing it out may be gentle with me friends.

this post baby #2 body is killing me man.
the aches, the pains, the flab, the stretch marks....all of it.
its also overwhelming.

i have started taking a yoga class that is currently just plain amazing!!
to have the space to check in with myself and my body has been great but also kinda painful.

i miss the pre-baby body. is that selfish to say?

anyhow, i don't just want to be a complainer and sit around and not do hopefully once these kinda intense emotions settle i can find the umph to kick this body back in gear.

ahhhh......bodies, shells, one day this body will leave this earth and i would hate to have spent too much time dwelling on it or not having spent any time at all. i think its important to take care of the body. i want to do a better job at it.

so, those are the thoughts this morning.
FLAB be gone ( oh man i wish it was that easy)!!!!!!