Friday, October 09, 2009

i just wish i lived close to woods.
i'd like to have a bonfire.
why is it so difficult to find a spot to have a bonfire in all of southern california.
i'd also like to have a nice big meal with my friends in the woods next to the bonfire.
i saw photos from a friends equinox gathering and boy it made me want to live close to woods.

its october. i love october.
i have already made 2 new soups....potato and onion soup and broccoli soup. both were great!

i've been thinking alot lately about our current living arrangements. i'd like to blog further about them but for now i am just super thankful. we are starting our second year living here at "the mouth" as we like to sometimes call it. starting our second year of living with john and val. and man, in my estimation it is going quite well (they could tell you different...). we had a discussion recently about what we would have regretted NOT doing while we lived together if/when we moved out. so hopefully we can be making sure we do some of those things. i have also enjoyed how open our home has felt. we have friends over quite a bit and i love it. anyhow...just feeling thankful.

next weekend we will be pumpkin patching with grandma at Lombardi Ranch. i love the train ride does adelaide! i am looking forward to this.

well...until next time.