Wednesday, May 06, 2009

every once in awhile i freak out....i have 2 kids!! is so weird.
when i say "the kids" its a time to pause.
Ezra is great...he is super mellow and very cute.
his smiles are coming a mile a minute.
and he's awfully huge.

We've been listening to alot of Elizabeth Mitchell and Renee and Jeremey loving them.

we have an excitingly full calendar these next months.
Justin going to scotland.
Johns graduation.
Heading to MN for Lorans wedding.
and the Price Family staying with us for a month.
its gonna be a crazy time but full indeed. i am looking forward to evenings outside. and lots of water fights (first of the season already hit).

i sometimes wish i was in a dance crew...and could actually dance.

it is windy and hot right now.
here are some sounds i hear.........
the air conditioner humming
the swing clicking
our wind chime in the front
weird fuzzy static sound coming from who knows where wind..if that has a sound

toodles for now.