Saturday, August 29, 2009

well this morning i am sitting at panera bread with some time to myself.

what is on my mind is feeling like such a personal matter but i also feel like writing it out may be gentle with me friends.

this post baby #2 body is killing me man.
the aches, the pains, the flab, the stretch marks....all of it.
its also overwhelming.

i have started taking a yoga class that is currently just plain amazing!!
to have the space to check in with myself and my body has been great but also kinda painful.

i miss the pre-baby body. is that selfish to say?

anyhow, i don't just want to be a complainer and sit around and not do hopefully once these kinda intense emotions settle i can find the umph to kick this body back in gear.

ahhhh......bodies, shells, one day this body will leave this earth and i would hate to have spent too much time dwelling on it or not having spent any time at all. i think its important to take care of the body. i want to do a better job at it.

so, those are the thoughts this morning.
FLAB be gone ( oh man i wish it was that easy)!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

alright dudes...rock this geography challenge.
leave your scores in the comments.

Here is my 1st try score: 82%---40 miles---256 seconds


doesn't it kinda feel like twitter has taken over for blogging.
I mean you can write quick little updates all day long.
i am better at writing short updates anyhow.

both my kids are asleep and i am sitting in my living room.
my friend just gave me the book crazylove (by francis chen) to read.
i look forward to it.

we are going to portland for thanksgiving.
i am really excited to visit this town and see what it is all about!!

our backpack project went awesome.
feels really exciting to know every single student in one school has access to a new backpack this year.

my friends neighbor gave us her old high chair for Ezra's future use.
this thing is amazing...its called a Peg Pergo Prima Pappa (i think).
it does everything but clean itself.
i am thankful.

we have picked about 5 tomatoes from our plants this year.
we learned that our soil has low calcium so a lot of our plants had brown bottoms.
next year we will mix in some egg shells and hopefully that will help.

this summer has been a very interesting time.
i feel like i have been learning a lot and could use sometime to sit and really process.
i started taking a yoga class with some girlfriends.
our first one was last tuesday.
the silence. the stretching. the encouragment to listen to my body. the prayer. it was all just what i needed.

anyhow is moving along.
no farther forward, just farther along is what i always say (well bebo norman said it first but i stole it and say it all the time now).

i hope you guys are enjoying your day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009